A modern playbook for creative strategists & planners.

My collection of tools, tips, frameworks, & lessons learned from 16 years as an agency strategist, to save you time, money, & headaches.

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    What to focus on & why

    • The right (and wrong) way to think about competitors
    • Assessing complex market dynamics
    • Understanding the correct opportunity space
    • Phrasing and framing assumptions and the problem to be solved
    • How to balance feasibility with ambition
    • Identifying a clear, measurable objectives

    Getting to key insights

    • How to field and conduct user research
    • Tips & tricks for efficient secondary research
    • Ways of making sense of wants, needs, mindsets, and behaviors
    • Tactics for building authority, trust, loyalty, & memorability
    • The secret to translating insights into an actionable content strategy
    • The art of crafting an impressive kickoff document

    Guidance & guardrails

    • Do's and don'ts for creative, experience, and technical teams
    • Easy-to-use checklist templates
    • Explanatory diagrams and data visualizations of key concepts
    • How to choose helpful competitive and comparative examples
    • How to approach course-correction and adapting to new information
    • Phrases, scripts, and prompts for communicating with stakeholders